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At AX Tactical we bring shooting sports to a new level.  We cater to hunters, target shooters, competition shooters, and more.  In addition we service Law Enforcement with firearms, LE supplies, and services.  AX Tactical has knowledgeable staff on hand to service everyone from the beginner to advanced experience levels.  We will provide unmatched customer service.  No matter your location we will be happy to help you find the product or products you need. Stop in, or call to check us out.

Handguns, Long guns, Accessories, Optics, Gunsmithing, Reloading accessories, Powder, and more!

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AX Tactical's Featureless Rifle.  Call or E-mail to get yours!


We can Build you a new rifle or retrofit an exiting one.

AX Tactical LLC provides custom weaponry and accessories to Civilians, Sportsmen, Law Enforcement, Military, and Competition shooters.   We specialize in tactical weapon platforms and accessories, with the ability to produce the optimal solution to meet your needs.  AX Tactical formed from a group of defense contractors in the aerospace industry.  High quality engineering and design is what we do.  Along with experienced tactical operators, gunsmiths, and competitive shooters, we have developed a team that can provide you the optimal tactical system.  Whether you are operating in Afghanistan, plinking at the range, patrolling the streets,  or a fierce competition shooter, AX Tactical has all the weapons and accessories to fit your needs.

AX Tactical specializes in:
    Custom weaponry (LE / Military & Civilian)

    Tactical accessories
    Training for Law Enforcement, Military, and civilian personnel
    Existing weapons systems upgrades
    Optics configurations for all range engagements
    Custom finish work
We also provide firearm transfers and sales, as well as all your tactical gear, clothing, ammunition, and accesories.

AX Tactical Refinishing


Check out some of our recent refinishing jobs!